Announcing the Rollout of the Natural Resource Crime Center (NRCC)

NACLEC is announcing the launch of the Natural Resource Crime Center.  Thanks to the work of Deputy Chief Mike Cenci and others in the State of Washington who worked hard to make this a reality, we now have a secure-hosted information sharing website available exclusively to Conservation Law Enforcement agencies across the country.

We all know poachers and wildlife traffickers don’t stop at our state lines.  Today people are more mobile than ever, and technology enables illegal wildlife enterprises to easily communicate, coordinate and operate nationwide.  

It takes a network to beat a network.  Our success in achieving our collective mission of protecting people and natural resources is enhanced by our capacity to network.  One of our strategic goals in NACLEC is to enhance our networking, communication and collaboration among our member agencies across state lines.  The Natural Resource Crime Center is a new tool in our toolbox to enhance our networking capability on a national level. 

The NRCC offers a secure place to:

•    Share documents, videos and photographs.
•    Participate, initiate discussions, engage in creative problem solving, and collaborate on       investigations of mutual interest.  
•    Contact Natural Resources Law Enforcement Officers through the United States.
•    Share and market training opportunities.

Please seriously consider joining NRCC.  To participate in the NRCC you must be a member of Regional Information Sharing Systems (RISS).  Contact your regional information network to determine if your organization is a member.  Most law enforcement agencies are members.

For access to the NRCC, or general questions, send an email to, include your organization and your RISS user name. Within 10 days you will receive an email inviting you to join the NRCC.