National Association of Conservation Law Enforcement Chiefs

We Collaborate to Protect People and Natural Resources

Our Vision:

Serving leaders today and inspiring leaders of tomorrow to meet national conservation challenges.

Our Mission:

Protecting the public, wildlife, fisheries, and other natural resources through education, community involvement, and law enforcement.

Our Guiding Principles:

To achieve our mission, NACLEC will:

•    Foster collaboration and cooperation among natural resource organizations
•    Support a professional and diverse workforce
•    Develop future leaders
•    Create diverse partnerships
•    Increase public support through outreach and education
•    Promote the integral role conservation law enforcement plays in enhancing quality of life

The National Association of Conservation Law Enforcement Chiefs works collaboratively with state, federal and international conservation law enforcement agencies, and diverse alliances and partnerships to protect people, sustainably conserve our wildlife and other natural resources, and promote safe, diverse, and enjoyable outdoor experiences.   

Our membership is comprised of sworn law enforcement officers of any state or federal agency having primary responsibility for administering and/or enforcing conservation laws and who holds the executive position of Chief or Colonel of Law Enforcement or the equivalent, and any official who acts for the chief in his or her absence.  If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact us.