NACLEC works through a series of partnerships.  We are seeking to add partnerships to expand and improve our annual National Conservation Leadership Academy, as well as participate in educational opportunities for our international counterparts.  We know that it takes a network to beat a network and local and global partnerships are imperative in fighting wildlife violations and monitoring the ever-changing resource trafficking environment.

NACLEC is a registered 501(c)(6) charity and we also have a registered 501(c)(3) Education Foundation that is qualified for receiving tax-deductible contributions.   You can find us on the IRS website or download our documentation here.

The NACLEC Education Foundation is our relies solely on donations to fund its educational mission.  We are actively seeking new donation pathways and partnerships that will allow us to increase capacity in our leadership academies and expand our outreach efforts to the general public. 


Our national leadership academy is having an impact by shaping and preparing the next generation of wildlife conservation executive leadership.  Participants rate the experience as “excellent” and “life changing.”  Over twelve percent  of current wildlife law enforcement  chiefs are NACLEC Leadership Academy graduates.

 Our primary partners for the National Conservation Law Enforcement Leadership Academy are the US Fish and Wildlife Service and its National Conservation Training  Center.  To date, nearly 200 wildlife officers from around the country have successfully completed the program and several have been promoted to executive leadership positions.  Our continued success has increased demand for academy places. 


To further the National Strategy priorities of strengthening enforcement and enhancing collaboration and networking between international and domestic conservation law enforcement agencies, the Foundation is participating with a host of other partners in a historic event in September, 2016: the first ever International Conservation Chiefs Academy.