Editing a Google Sheet

Editing your contact information on a Directory is easy. 

1. Simply click on the link to the directory you want to edit. It will open the sheet. You do not have to sign in to a Google account.


If you don't enter a valid or whole email address, it will remind you to correct it.

2.  Locate your contact information in the sheet. Click on the cell you would like to edit and type directly on to the sheet. All changes are automatically saved on the sheet and will publish to the website.


Save your own copy or download a Google sheet

If you want to use the list for any purposes other than editing your own information, you can download the sheet as an Excel file by clicking file and then download as.  To protect our Members' and Alumni privacies, we ask that you use this information for professional or purposes only and do not share information with outside parties without the express consent of the membership and Executive Board.