Pennsylvania Conservation Officers Woodland Tracking Team Locates Rifle and Other Evidence Used in Fatal Shooting of Police Officer

Pennsylvania Conservation Officers on the Agency's Woodland Tracking Team located a rifle believed to be used in the fatal shooting of a police officer. 

Below is an excerpt from a CBS News Story, and press conference, and media coverage.

“The Remington .270-caliber rifle that was found roughly three-quarters of a mile east of the river,” said Trooper Steve Limani, of Pennsylvania State Police.

Putting to use wild land tracking skills, state Game Commission officers were able to figure out just where and how the suspect moved when he allegedly ran from the New Florence home. But finding the rifle still proved a challenge.

“There was a rough trail that the Game Commission was able to follow and lead us on, and this firearm was found off of that path in a thick area of brush and tucked under some leaves and brush,” said Trooper Limani.

The rifle wasn’t the only thing investigators say they found near the high-powered hunting rifle.

“A hooded sweatshirt that had some blood on it and there were several rounds of ammunition of that .270 caliber found in the pocket of that hooded sweatshirt,” said Trooper Limani. “They will be sent for analysis at our labs.”

See media accounts below, including news conference.

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