Maine Marine Patrol News Release on Sgt. Troy Dow Attending Leadership Academy

DATE: October 5, 2015
CONTACT: Jeff Nichols, Maine Department of Marine Resources, 207-624-6569
Marine Patrol Sergeant Troy Dow Completes National Leadership Training
Maine Marine Patrol Sergeant Troy Dow has recently completed the National Conservation Law Enforcement Leadership Academy (NCLELA). The prestigious program brings together conservation law enforcement leaders from around the country for three-weeks of intensive training.

The goal of the NCLELA, conducted by the National Association of Conservation Law Enforcement Chiefs, is to prepare conservation law enforcement professionals to effectively adapt to a rapidly changing world.  The focus of NCLELA, held at the National Conservation Training Center in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, is to provide the practical skills and knowledge needed by those in conservation law enforcement leadership roles in state or federal agencies.  

Attendees must be employed in one of the highest tiers of senior leadership in the applying law enforcement agency, be employed by a state, federal, tribal or international conservation law enforcement agency, and have the endorsement of the agency’s Chief Executive.

“Sergeant Dow has shown tremendous initiative during his career and continues to demonstrate a strong commitment to professional development,” said Marine Patrol Colonel Jon Cornish. “That is why we decided to send him through this program. We believe strongly in supporting the efforts of our Marine Patrol professionals to advance their knowledge and skills. This kind of training will help the Marine Patrol continue to adapt to change and to evolve as a conservation law enforcement bureau.”

Attendees took part in programs on adaptive leadership, leading change, resource management, personnel management, shaping organizational culture, strategic planning, surviving and succeeding as an executive, liability, establishing a leadership legacy, and more.

“There were a lot of topics covered that you hadn’t thought about before,” said Sergeant Dow. “This program has made me a better leader - more able to make the people around me better.”

The program also provided an opportunity for attendees to learn from each other and the unique approaches to conservation law enforcement each brought to the table. “I talked about the relationship Marine Patrol has with industry and how we join the Commissioner for outreach meetings to build those connections. Colleagues from around the country were impressed with the way we actively engaged industry.”

The program also gave Sergeant Dow a chance to build connections with members of other agencies around the country. “Hardly a day goes by that I don’t get contacted by one of the people I attended with.”

The training he received and the contacts he made will also allow him and the Marine Patrol to continue to benefit from the training. “If I have a problem, I’ll be able to reach out to colleagues around the country for assistance,” said Sergeant Dow. “This program will last me the rest of my career.”

Sergeant Dow oversees six Officers and one Specialist in Marine Patrol Section 5, which stretches from the Penobscot River to the Hancock Bridge.