Georgia DNR Law Enforcement Ranger Recognized for Life Saving Actions on I-95

At their meeting last week, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Board passed a resolution recognizing Law Enforcement Division Sergeant Chris Hodge from Camden County and presenting him with the DNR Life Saving Award for his actions after a serious car accident on I-95.

On the afternoon of August 17, 2015, Sgt. Hodge came upon the scene of a serious traffic accident on I-95 southbound near Gibson Creek in Glynn County. The driver of a black Mercedes was seriously injured, became unresponsive, and stopped breathing. Hodge quickly assessed the driver’s condition and began performing CPR. He was able to successfully resuscitate the driver, who was then transported to the hospital. Without his quick action and selfless act of compassion, the driver would have likely died at the scene. 
“Our Rangers are trained and equipped to handle any situation that may come their way,” said Georgia DNR Commissioner Mark Williams. “Without the quick response and actions of Sgt. Hodge, a woman could have lost her life.  I could not be more proud of Sgt. Hodge and thankful for the heroic work he and the other Rangers do each and every day.”
The DNR Life Saving Award is presented to DNR personnel whose actions save the life or lives of others who may not have survived otherwise. The Award was presented at the Georgia DNR Commissioner’s Office in Atlanta.

“I am very proud of Sgt. Hodge and his actions. If he had not been there, kept calm, and let his experience and training kick in, it could have been a very tragic day” said DNR Col. Eddie Henderson, director of Law Enforcement. Chris is a top-notch Ranger and I’m sure the citizens in southeast Georgia are glad to have him there. He has proven through the years that he is committed to do whatever it takes to ensure public safety.”
The resolution reads in part, “…the Board of Natural Resources hereby commends Sergeant Chris Hodge for his heroic lifesaving effort by performing CPR to a seriously injured person involved in an automobile accident in order to preserve human life.”
Sgt. Chris Hodge supervises a work unit that covers Brantley, Camden and Glynn counties and has been with DNR Law Enforcement for 14 years.