NACLEC Embarks on National Strategy Formulation for Conservation Law Enforcement

Based on strategic conversations that took place at the annual NACLEC meeting in St. Louis September 21-24, 2014, NACLEC members are beginning stages of formulating a National Strategy for Conservation Law Enforcement for the 21st Century.  

The purpose of this effort is to identify the strategies, tactics and dedicated actions the institution of conservation law enforcement needs to employ to successfully adapt to the new realities created by changing social, technological, economic, and environment changes taking place in order to achieve our mission.

A subcommittee was formed to frame the issues and develop a draft National Strategy document for presentation at a meeting in South Carolina in January 2015.  

If you have ideas or thoughts you'd like to pass on to NACLEC in formulating this strategy, please send them on to Mike Cenci, Deputy Chief of Law Enforcement, State of Washington Department of Fish and Game Police at