NACLEC Annual Meeting in St. Louis, Missouri

From Sunday September 21, 2014 through Wednesday September 24, 2014, the National Association of Conservation Law Enforcement Chiefs held a meeting in conjunction with the 104th meeting of the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies in St. Louis, Missouri.

The following Conservation Law Enforcement Executives were in attendance:

Pat Fitts, Arkansas                              

Bob Thompson, Colorado

Heather Dugan, Colorado

Clavin Adams, Florida

Jack Daugherty, Florida

Kyle Overturf, Connecticut

Ron Cave, Florida

Eddie Henderson, Georgia

Kevin Jones, Kansas

Larry Yamnitz, Missouri

Jeff Clauson, Nebraska

Joel Wilkinson, Maine                        

Christopher Cloutier, Maine              

Martin Garabedian, New Hampshire

Ben Byrd, New Mexico                      

Ken Fitz, Ohio

Dirk Cochran, Ohio

Chisolm Frampton, South Carolina

Alvin Taylor, South Carolina

Andy Alban, South Dakota

Craig Hunter, Texas

Danny Shaw, Texas                                 

Tony Wood, Utah

Mike Cenci, Washington

Todd Schaller, Wisconsin                    

Brian Nesvik, Wyoming                     

David Deckard, Oklahoma

Mike England, Georgia                       

Topics discussed included:

·      Development of a National Strategy for continuously adapting the institution of conservation law enforcement to new realties being created by changing social, technological, economic, and environmental conditions.

·      The NACLEC Leadership Academy

·      The Interstate Violator Compact

·      Information sharing systems between states

·      International Wildlife Trafficking

·      Funding future conservation law enforcement efforts

Based on our discussions about the importance of creating a more inclusive and diverse conservation community in the future, we thought it appropriate to use the historically significant Old Courthouse in St. Louis as the backdrop.  This was the Federal and State courthouse beginning back in 1839 and the site where an enslaved husband and wife, Dred and Harriet Scott, sued for their freedom in 1856 (the infamous Dred Scott Case) and where Virginia Minor sued for a woman’s right to vote in 1872.  These are two examples where people courageously exercised leadership in pursuit of equal treatment for everyone on America.

NACLEC members attending the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agency meeting in St. Louis September 21-24, 2014.

NACLEC members attending the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agency meeting in St. Louis September 21-24, 2014.