Wisconsin is hiring wardens

The Wisconsin DNR Bureau of Law Enforcement wishes to announce its intent to recruit and hire ~11 Conservation Wardens that will primarily be responsible for delivering all law enforcement services on the 9 busiest state parks and forests in Wisconsin.  “Hiring at least 11 full time conservation wardens that will focus primarily on state parks and forest law enforcement is a first” said Jeffrey King, Assistant Training Director at the Bureau of Law Enforcement.  This new group of Conservation Wardens will be part of the Class of 2020 and will begin their journey on October 27th, 2019. 

Interested in a Limited Term Employment (LTE) opportunity as a part time conservation warden?  Apply for the full time position, says King.  “This year we will be inviting candidates from the applicants for the full time position to compete for both full time and part time positions.”

“Do you want a career that is part of something big”, adds King?  Apply now!  Wisconsin DNR Conservation Wardens protect our natural resources, our state parks and forests, the environment, and the people who enjoy resource rich Wisconsin.  

Already have a career in law enforcement and enjoy our natural resources, please give Lt. King a call to discuss new compensation policies for incoming officers. 

For more information, please visit Warden Recruitment - Wisconsin DNR