Wyoming statute requires law enforcement positions (game warden, senior game warden and regional access coordinator) be selected based on competitive examination.  Exams are typically scheduled once a year, depending on vacancies.  Passing the examination does not guarantee the applicant will be offered an interview. Candidates will be selected for interviews based on a combination of factors including overall test scores, writing ability, number of credit hours in hands-on wildlife courses, grades/transcripts, job suitability profiling, and a Life History Questionnaire.  No single factor will be used to select interview candidates; however, there are some factors that could lead to automatic disqualification.  This could include, but may not be limited to, conviction of a felony, conviction of a misdemeanor for domestic violence, the use of marijuana within the last year, the use of other illegal drugs (such as cocaine, methamphetamine, LSD, etc.) within the last 5 years, or major wildlife violations.  Additionally, the online examination is a closed book exam and testing integrity will be verified through additional means including, but not limited to, polygraph examination. Any deceitful act identified will be grounds for disqualification of a potential job offer.

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